The Choir of Southern Lights

The Choir of Southern Lights is not just a choir, it is a family

Danny Benn, Evan Kerr, Kylie Morgan

Coming together once a week, different people from all different walks of life all sing with one voice. 

As a family they all support each other, facing no issue as an individual but as group. The Choir is welcoming and supportive of anyone and it has provided a home for many people. The Choir provides an opportunity like no other, a mother and daughter to sing with each other, two sisters to sing together and a father to be conducted by his son.

It is unjust to simply call them a choir, as family is truly the only appropriate word for them.

The Choir of Southern Lights is the Studio’s largest choir with over 45 members. All members of the Choir have been auditioned to be a part of the Choir which was crowned the 2015 Australasian Open Choir Champions. The award winning choir performs both locally and interstate, including a performance in Melbourne in 2014 as well as a tour organised for 2016. Anyone is invited to audition for this Choir.

In this choir you will learn-

  • Different Styles of singing
  • Structure
  • Breath support
  • Control of Voice
  • Blending, Harmonising, Pitch
  • Placement of sound
  • Vocal range
  • Care and development of the voice and performance.

In this group we expect all students to attend all events such as eisteddfods and festivals.

The Choir of Southern Lights is an audition based choir.