Senior Drama

Bec Ellis

Senior Drama is taught on Thursday afternoons from 5:45pm- 6:30pm with our Associate Teacher, Bec Ellis. This class is suitable for students aged 14-18 and would compliment students wishing to complete Drama for their HSC. Students in Senior Drama will be challenged in a variety of ways. Students will learn the different elements of drama and how they can effectively implement them in their performances. There will be an emphasis on understanding how techniques can be used to create dramatic meaning. Students will also be required to work on monologues in class, and apply their understanding of the elements of drama to all performances. Senior Drama will also have the opportunity to perform in our Mid Year Showcase as well as the End of Year Concert.

Senior Drama will aim to develop an understanding and appreciation of different dramatic techniques. Students collaborate and critically analyse performances to refine their own skills. Their is a strong emphasis on self evaluation in the class and what choices the student is making within the performance.