KPOP Class

KPOP Class is on Thursday nights 6:15pm - 7:15pm.

Suitable for ages 14 years and above!

The KPOP Class is a high energy, fast-paced and fun class where students will learn their favourite KPOP performances. Songs will be chosen together as a group, the lyrics translated into English and vocal parts learnt. Students will also learn the original choreography that goes along with the piece.


Drama is on Thursday afternoons 5:15pm-6pm.

Suitable for children of all ages!

Our Drama Class is a fun and interactive class where students will be taught a myriad of dramatic techniques. The class has a strong focus on ensemble skills and working with other members of the class. Students will also be given the tools for improvisation as well as the foundations for script/character analysis.

Piano Lessons

All of our piano lessons are private lessons which means that it is one on one with the teacher. We accept all levels of ability- from beginners through to advanced players. Our piano teacher Genevieve is wonderful at working with younger students who are just starting on their piano journey, whereas Evan is a fantastic teacher for more students with a few years of experience. Evan also enjoys working with students who are learning how to self accompany as he has a strong background in this area.

Southern Sistars

Southern Sistars is on Tuesday nights 7pm-8pm.

Suitable for females 18 years and above!

Southern Sistars are an all female choir who were founded as the 'mums' of the studio but has developed into the largest group at the studio. The Sistars are a lively collective who are always ready to have a laugh and lots of fun. The Southern Sistars perform at local festivals and eisteddfods so is a wonderful choice for those looking to perform.

Students will learn: